Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Friends

I met some new friends last night. They were among the nicest people I have ever met. John and Jen Stevens are friends of one of my oldest friends, Beth. 

Jen suffers from diabetes as do I. Jen's mother passed away from complications related to diabetes and they were related to her heart as are mine. 

Meeting John and Jen was such a humbling, warm and overall amazing experience. I talked to them for hours. We talked about our failing health, our hopes for the future, our fears, our frustrations and the most wonderful thing we discussed is that no matter what happens in life you just keep moving forward and trying to find the best in it. 

John and Jen sat and listened to me, literally for hours and I felt as if I was talking to people I had known my whole life. They were warm and helpful. They didn't feel the need to tell me how I should try to feel better, nor did they seem afraid at my plight or the fact that my heart is failing. They were terrific to Grace and they invited us over for dinner. 

They helped me with my fundraising goals and they believed in my fight. They wanted to help and most of all they wanted to be friends. 
I went to Beth's house last night wanting to share some time with her and I came away with new friends. 

I want to thank John and Jen for being there. For giving me another hopeful day and donating simply because they wanted to help me get through another day. I am truly excited to have met you and I am so thankful that I am not alone. 

I want to tell Jen, to keep fighting, to just keep doing your blood sugar testing even when it's bad... and to just love the fact that you are here today and you try. In the end all we can do is to keep trying, even if we fail miserably, we just keep moving forward each day and finding those little things that make the day better. 

John and Jen you made my evening with your friendship. I hope to share more evenings with you and get to know you better. Beth, thank you for inviting us to your home and welcoming us into your life, we had such a wonderful time. You have all helped me to get through another week, battling these diseases and trying to keep my life together. 

Live, Laugh, Love--- it's all we have!!!!! 

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